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Ave Forum online

The approved supernatural apparitions

Table of Contents
Ave Forum Magazine

Great Catholic sex-affairs
How trustworthy?
Rapping spirit in Dutch Vicarage:
Our mailbag
Apparition Counter
Exclusive for Ave Forum Online*
Jos Punt
The Most Popular bishop of The Netherlands
The enemies of Mary
Flaw fact knowledge fatal for the Dutch Vaak Foundation (Stichting Vaak)
was made by:
Jane Turner
Frank de Hove
Sheila and Hildegard Wolff
Kami Saburo
and Ernesto Morbilo
*ONLINE indicates that this section of the Ave Forum Magazine is available in English online!

Ave Forum, voor echte, erkende Mariaverschijningen

Ave Forum

Ave Forum Online is the English internet version of the Dutch magazine for real, official by the Roman Catholic Church recognized apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary.

We cover only Her utmost Holy Apparitions that were approved of  supernatural character by the Church. The approval of an apparition's supernatural character means that the case cannot be explained away due to an impediment in the visionary, nor as fraud, nor as a natural phenomenon, nor of demonic origin.

Approved by the Roman Catholic Church are places of apparition like Lourdes, Amsterdam, Guadeloupe, Banneux, Fatima and Beauraing.