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Review of the Catholic media in Holland

420 RC Newscafé
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420 RC News Café is an ezine tabloid, covering the lifestyle of the young faithful. RC stands for Roman Catholic. The number 420 refers to the Bible. Acts 4:20 says: We cannot keep quiet about what we have seen and heard.


From the 420 RC News Café site
The Amsterdam Mother of All People
Cardinal Tettamanzi of Milan goes for Mokum!
(Mokum is the Jiddish name for Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands)
Mgr. J. Punt visited last year the Italian cardinal D. Tettamanzi of Milan.  As known one of the largest groups of devotees to Our Lady of All People in Italy can be found in Milan. 
Cardinal Tettamanzi, the most named successor of His Holyness Pope John Paul II, has reacted enthousiast when he first hears about the Amsterdam Apparitons of Our Lady of All People. 
Mgr. J. Point was together with the bishop of Groningen (Holland) during his meeting with cardinal Tettamanzi of Milan.  The Amsterdam bishop received a fine golden breast cross as present of cardinal Tettamanzi . The popular Tettamanzi  is just obe of that growing number of cardinals and bishops world wide who are dedicated to the sake of the apparitions of the Holy Virgin in Amsterdam.

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