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Review of the Catholic media in Holland

Hitparade of the Dutch Catholic Internet

Top 10 of the best visited Catholic related websites in Amsterdam, capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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most visited catholic forum in the Netherlands

1 (9) Ave Forum Board
This discussionboard is mainly about the controversial Vaak Foundation (Stichting Vaak). The Vaak has also their own website, but their own Ave Vaak discussionboard is quite tame, in contrast to this lively Ave Forum Board  DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY
The Mother of All Websites

2 (1) The Vatican
Most Holy Mother of All Roman Catholic Websites. With the Secret Archives.
RC 420 News Café

3 (4) 420 RC News Café
420 Roman Catholic News Café is a Lifestyle Ezine for the Young Dutch who are fed up with New Catholicism and like to return to the almost forgotten traditions and customs of their religion. DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY
Sichting Vaak Fout

4 (5) Stichting Vaak Fout!
One of the sites about the controversial Catholic Vaak Foundation. This one is provided by a Turkish organisation (Türkevi) in the Netherlands DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY

Mohamed el-Fers Encyclopedie van NL Heiligen
Encyclopedie van Hollandse Heiligen

5 (7) Encyclopedia of Dutch Saints
Great Work with extensive information about rituals, shrines and all the Holy Men and Woman from Holland. There are several editions of this Encyclopedia on the internet. When you click on the image, you are directed to the latest 2005 edition. DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY
Katholiek Nieuwsblad

6 (6) Katholiek Nieuwsblad
The only National Catholic Weekly in the Netherlands. Read our review in English as this paper is published in DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY
The diocese of Amsterdam

7 (2) Diocese of Amsterdam
Sacred Capital of Holland, city of The Miracle of 1345 and the Apparitions of the Mother of All People. On the site we could not find a section about the Amsterdam Apparitions! Seat of the Diocese is not in Amsterdam but in the nearby city of Haarlem DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY

De Raphaël Bel

8 (-) The Bell of Raphael
The Bell of Rapael is the online Ezine version of the Catholic Lifestyle Magazine for the Young Dutch Male with a great story about how a waterbed filled with Holy Water worked a Miracle!Ave Forum Board, DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY
Het Heiligen Net

9 (8) Saints Net (Heiligen Net)
Another Great Work with extensive information about Patron Saints and their Day, and bio's of Holy Men and Woman from all over the world DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY

10 (10) Rorate RK NieuwsNet
A Catholic Newssite with a very well moderated forum and a lot of extra's DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY

RC Web Top 10
Just click on the image to go to that website!
Together with Review of the Catholic Media in Holland, Sursum Corda and RKTV Amsterdam (now part  of MokumTV on the Salto Amsterdam Network) Ave Forum presents the Hitparade of the Dutch Catholic Internet.
In the left column you see the Top 10 of the best visited Catholic related websites in Amsterdam, capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Dutch Secret Police AIVD
deadlinks website
"thugs of Mary fanatics"

No longer online
Maria Commando

AMSTERDAM, FRIDAY - The website with the online version of the Mary Commando is no longer in the air.  According a message on the Ave Forum the Dutch Secret Police AIVD decided to take action after a complaint about this "thugs of Mary fanatics". 
All Mary Commandos train at the Catholic Saint Severius Sportcentre "to protect the honour of the Holy Virgin". according to an old Spanish tradition.
According the same message on Ave Forum this Mary Commando had plans to "torture everybody saying something negative about the Mother of God " Not knowing that such is "for centuries out of fashion in the Catholic Church".
More about this affair in De Staatskrant (Dutch).
As the website of the Mary Commando is no longer on line, you wont see their popular site no longer in our hitparade. For the time being The Mary Commando's took shelter on the website of RC 420 and here at Ave Forum you can see the review of MC Magazine.

TIP RC TV De Schamoen
Roman Catholic issues you can see on the local Amsterdam MokumTV program De Schamoen. Schamoen is Old Dutch (Nederdiets) for a yokel in need of correction. In the Flanders the same word is used for a strap of leather to distribute penitention.
Ave Forum Online (English edition)

TIP Ave Forum Online
New in this Hitparade is the English internet edition of Ave Forum Online, our connected sister organization in faith and sorrow. With great reviews and stories. IN ENGLISH ONLY
De MariaBode

TIP De MariaBode
A site with information about the other, not recognized apparitions of the Holy Vigin in Amsterdam, Our Lady ter Staats. DUTCH LANGUAGE ONLY

Our Last Top 10
The one before the new one on the leftside of this site.
1 (3)   The Vatican
2 (1)   Diocese of Amsterdam
3 (-)    Ave Forum Online
4 (-)    420 RC News Café
5 (8)   Stichting Vaak Fout!
6 (4)   Katholiek Nieuwsblad
7 (10) Encyclopedia of Dutch Saints
8 (6)   Saints Net (Heiligen Net)
9 (-)    Stichting Vaak
10 (9)  Rorate RK NieuwsNet

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