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Review of the Catholic media in Holland

Katholiek Nieuwsblad
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Dutch Roman Catholic Newspaper
Katholiek Nieuwsblad
The cover left reads: Bishop Punt (of Amsterdam) certifies Our Lady of All People. Placing Amsterdam amongst the choosen few like Lourdes and Fatima. Would such an event trigger extreme joy in the South of Europe, in the North of Holland the reception was more cool. Even this cover is a rarety, as the Katholiek Nieuwblad reports quite reserved about these world famous apparitions of Amsterdam.
Mid 70s last century the last Dutch Catholic newspaper, De Tijd changed to a weekly.Within some years the Netherlands had again a R.C. newspaper, the Katholiek Nieuwblad. It started as a twice a week full format newspaper under Henk Gallée in 1983, with about 15.000 subscriptions.
Only print in Holland
In half a year John Roosen was the new editor-in-chief. The paper dropped to a tabloid format weekly in 1993. This moment the only Catholic National in print in the Netherlands.
Thanks to the yearly campaign for an extra contribution of the readers, good for several 100 thousands of euro each year, the paper still excist.
Main contributors
Jan Laugs (Fox), Wim Peeters, Michaël As, Marieke van den Berg, Joris Schröder, Henk Gallée, Peter Latjes, Jan Peeters, Ed Arons, Vera van Dijk, Henk Rijkers, Ben van de Venn, Zoë Hermsen and Yvonne Koopman-Snep (ex-Maria-legion Amsterdam).
Editor-in-Chief: Ed Arons. 
Post to: Postbox 1270, 5200 BH ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands 
Vissitors: Jan Heinsstraat 26, 5211 TD ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands 
Phone: +31-73-613 64 25 
Fax: +31-73-612 85 30 

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