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Review of the Catholic media in Holland


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WARNING: The Avé Newsletter was refused the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by Frans bishop Wiertz of Roermond, The Netherlands


Independent Newsletter for the Catholic Woman in the Netherlands.
Vrouw (Woman)
Catholicism is an important part of our life. 'Woman' is not a magazine for Catholic women who feel their religious beliefs are their own personal business. ‘Woman’ insist that all the pronouncements of the Church must be followed if you consider yourself to be Catholic. Women need the comfort and moral stability of the traditional Roman Catholic religion.
They know about the support and sense of participation the Church gave to them and their families when they were growing up.
The sense of structure they get from organized religious activities.
‘The Catholic Woman’ does not critically sift through the old teachings of the Church to weed out specific rules some woman consider impossible to apply to their contemporary live: issues like birth control, abortion, divorce, and women celebrating the mass.
This magazine for the Catholic ''Woman’ presents the views and opinions of an hardly heard segment of the Church in the Netherlands.If you have ever wondered why  intelligent, liberated women remain Catholic, The Catholic Woman is for you.
In this issue:
Show me Your love!
The Best of the feminine virtues: subservience
What does Eva do on the altar?
The Magic and Mysticism of the Church
Convent Life Before the Late 1960s
The Average Woman in the Pew
Celibacy for Priests
The Sacrament of Marriage
The Forbidden Ordination of Women
The Roles for Women in the Institutional Church
In this issue:

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