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Review of the Catholic media in Holland

AVÉ Newsletter for Recent APparitions

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WARNING: The Avé newsletter, published by the Vaak Foundation (Stichting Vaak) was REFUSED the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur by Frans bishop Wiertz of Roermond, the Netherlands


Newsletter Avé
We all know Don Quixote fighting windmills. So we can visualize the Vaak Foundation, not tilting at windmills but at the apparitions of the Holy Virgin. Vaaks Man of La Mancha is Editor-in-Chief chaplain Rudo Franken from the Dutch hamlet Mook. And a certain Mark Waterinckx is his sidekick Sancho Panza.

Everywhere in the world the Amsterdam apparitions make school. Whole nations, like the Philipines, are placed under the protection of the Amsterdam Lady of all Nations. But dispite the official recognition by the Roman Catholic Church of the supernatural character of the Amsterdam apparitions, the Dutch Vaak Foundation is completely devoted to fight the devotion for the Mother of Jesus in the capital of the Netherlands....

Guess what is the main issue in this last issue of the 4th year? Right, again another so called "document".
It is scarcely to be believe that roman catholics nowadays try to execrate their own bishop, try to execrate an official recognized (constat de supernaturalitate) apparition of the first woman and most holy of the faithful. This paper serves as a sad introduction to the Double Dutch Reformed attitude towards Marian apparitions. Readers should know that both a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur were wisely refused to the Avé newsletter on February 19, 2001 by Frans Bishop Wiertz of Roermond, The Netherlands. In some cases such dissaprovement guarantees exiting litterature. Not in the case of Vaak. They enjoy the dull side of life. It was called "het vakblad voor kwezels" (magazine for the professional bigot) in the Ave Forum.
Statistical analysis reveals that during the twentieth century there have been 386 reported cases of Marian apparitions, but only a few were, according to the Roman Catholic Church of supernatural character. Among those few were Fatima (Portugal) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Elsewhere in the world the Lady of All Nations, the Madonna of Amsterdam, is received with warm enthousiasm, As the Rocco Ezine reported from Milan, Italy:

The Ambrosian Centre was filled with joy when the timeless and surprising "novitŕ" of the official recognition of the Apparitions of Amsterdam arrived. Like Amsterdam the metropolis of Milan has to deal with the clashes of cultures with migrants. What the Church needs most, will come at the right time from heaven. The apparitions of the Mother of All Nations  fill the "space" between Christians and the Gentiles. Surpassing two of the three boundaries splitting up the two main monotheistic religions. But Our Lady of All Nations is  more than a joyful welcome that uplifted our spirit and heart. The Amsterdam apparition reminds us Roman Catholics that we have a belief that teach us to show care. As did Saint Martin of Tours. As Her son Jesus Himself learned us in Luke 10 to pity the poor immigrant...

From Rocco nr. 9. 


When there's Mook, there's hell

This Dutch newsletter Avé proves that, as the Holy Bible said a true Prophet is never recognized in his own country. Ridiculously the feckless Vaak Foundation is fighting the target in their existence: the Mother of All Windmills, The Lady of All Nations, the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Amsterdam. The little village of Mook, where Editor-in-Chief lives, is in the far south of Holland. When Freddy from Australia on the Ave Forum asked where Mook is in the Netherlands?

Somebody answered: "you don't want to know where Mook is. Is't only bad news from Mook" 

They say: "When there's smoke, there's fire"

I say: "When there's Mook, there's hell" 

The Man of La Mancha tells the story of Cervantes, the legendary Spanish author, and of the most famous character he created. Imprisoned during the Spanish Inquisition, Cervantes was forced to plead his case to his fellow prisoners and regales them with the story of Don Quixote.
Guided by the quest to do right, the Avé newsletter seeks their kind of purity in catholic knighthood. With their attempts to slay, as they call it "false apparitions", the Vaak Foundation causes more trouble than they prevent. As what they called "false" is official recognized as "real" by the Roman Catholic Church.
Avé newsletter number 4 - 2004, published in Dutch by the Vaak Foundation (Stichting Vaak), Editor-in-Chief: Father Rudo Franken, De Hove 1, 6585 AN Mook, The Netherlands. Office: Kapittelweg 11, 1216 HR Hilversum, The Netherlands.
WARNING: The Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur REFUSED for the Avé newsletter on February 19, 2001 by  Frans Bishop Wiertz of Roermond, The Netherlands.

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