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The Ave Forum E-zine frequently include interviews

On the cover of the Roman Catholic Magazine of Yokohama on the right a picture of the Lady of all Nations of Amsterdam and left the Dutch priest Rudolphus Franken with two of his groupies. Here a few lines words with Mr. Kami Saburo, editor-in-chief of this Yokohama magazine.

Question: What will your next issue be about?

Kami: Our coverstory is about that false letter of Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam. How such a forgery could slip into that book of Bouflet. To me it was rather strange that such an authority as Joachim Bouflet did not know that the apparition of Mary, the Lady of all Nations was officially recognized by canonical decree. All Catholic Japanese were aware of this fact. It was on most television channels and in the main papers! More so, because the miraculous statue of Akita, the only approved manifestation of the Holy Virgin in Japan, is carved after the immage of the Amsterdam. Yes, the Madonna of Akita is nothing less than the Lady of all Nations, a statue true to the appatition of Mary to Ida Peerdeman. When I'm in Paris, this summer, I hope to get a chance to interview Mr. Bouflet. I'm quit curious what was the reason to ingnore such a fact.


Roman Catholic Magazine from Yokohama