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The Holy Virgin Mary
in the Koran, in Turkey and Amsterdam
Includes a film made by Mohamed el-Fers, produced by Veyis Güngör for Türkevi in association with MokumTV of Amsterdam

Holy Virgin Mary DVD

A new DVD about the Holy Virgin Mary. Not only a superstar in the Christian world, but highly venerated by the Moslims as well. Hardly mentioned in the bible, the Holy Virgin is better off in the Koran. A whole chapter is named after her in this holy book. On this DVD we meet His Allholyness Bartolomeo I, Pope of the Byzantine Church.Together with scholar Robert Lemm (author of the Dutch bestseller Lady of All Nations) we visit the house where the Holy Virgin lived and died and we go to Ephesus, where the Christians proclaimed Mary some centuries later to be the Mother of God "The Father".
Muslims do not believe that God has a mother or children, but the prophet Mohamed called Mary The best woman ever lived.! On this DVD we see how the Roman Katholic bishop Jozef Punt explained the apparitions of the Holy Virgin to Turkish Muslims. As extra bonus the exclusive interview Mohamed el-Fers had with Mary visionary Ida Peerdemans of Amsterdam. The only interview she gave in over 50 years! See it all on this unique DVD, produced by MokumTV in cooperation with Turkevi Amsterdam. A must if you speak Dutch. More on
- Submitted by Sheila Wolff


Bernadette recounts her apparitions
Antonio Bernardo
Editions André Doucet et Fils, 65100 Lourdes, Franve
Printed Plugraf Nami-Temi S.A.R. Offset
Via di Pietralata 198 Roma, Italia

Much has been written and recounted about the apparitions in Lourdes. Houwever, the most authentic and vivid accounts has been left to us by Bernadette, written in her own handwriting or direct put down at the time of the apparitions by the responsible cleri. This book reads as a mystery novel told in the first person by the young woman who saw the Holy Virgin. And proves that, not like the many different  "first hand accounts" of e.g. Fatima, there are just a few different versions of the first Bernadette-story. Making "Lourdes" sound more thrustworthy than the heavy manipulated tales (and continuing discussions) about the Portugal apparitions.
- Submitted by Sheila Wolff


Joachim Bouflet

Faussaires de Dieu (Falsifiers of God)

ISBN 2856166970, Edition des Presses de la Renaissance 12 avenue d'Italie 75013 Paris, France.- Nihil Obstat + Imprimatur May 1, 2000 by Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris.  


'Faussaires de Dieu' (Falsifiers of God) is a study of hundreds of false apparitions during 2000 years of church history. Joachim Bouflet wrote an excellent book. Sad to say that even such a book can be outdated in a little as two years. What are some years in eternity? Or in two millennia of History? Well, as little or as much as it accounts for. As considered to be the French specialist in the apparitions of Mary, Bouflet did not foresee in his 2000 Edition, that the apparitions of the Holy Virgin in Amsterdam just after the release of his study were official ecclesiastic approved.


No, we don’t count a many apparitions to be of official supernatural character. The Roman Catholic Church recognized a very few only. Two centuries ago Lourdes in France. Last century Fatima in Portugal, Syracuse in Italy or Akita in Japan. And, as the first in the new millennium the apparitions of Amsterdam.


That happened, on May 31, 2002, when the therefore responsible Roman Catholic authority declared that the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam consist of a supernatural origin.


In the extended study of Bouflet “Amsterdam” is little more than a footnote. But what a footnote! One that fired the faithful to protest against the Archbishop of Paris, who gave his Imprimatur to this book.


He gave what?


The Church has the obligation to preserve Her sheep from deviations from the Truth and to to guarantee them the "objective possibility of professing the true faith without error" (Catechism, No. 890). Because of this, the Bishops will look at books published by Catholics on Catholic matters in their dioceses, giving them their "okay" if nothing therein is found to be contrary to the Faith


So when Joachim Bouflet writes a book on apparitions and wants it to be recognized by the official church, he must  submit his manuscript to his diocese's Censor. If the Censor finds no problem with it, he will give it his stamp, which reads "Nihil Obstat," or "nothing stands in the way." The R.C. Censor then sends it to the Bishop or in this case the Archbishop for his review. Jean-Marie Lustiger found nothing objectionable, so the Archbishop of gave on the First of May 2000 'Faussaires de Dieu' his "Imprimatur" which means, "let it be printed."


No, its was not an International riot because of a footnote, but on the internet the faithful were asked in a rather vulgar way to send petitions and letters of protest to the responsible provider of the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, Paris Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger.


As Bouflet hardly mentioned the apparitions of Mary in Amsterdam, what he wrote was, according the internet protest “complete rubbish!”, as Bouflet quotes “a fake letter, never written” by the visionary of Amsterdam. The letter Bouflet quoted was “completely made up by Marie Paule Giguere from Canada”.


Ida Peerdeman held Marie-Paul always on a distance. That this letter never could have been written by Ida Peerdeman might be true.

But not so because miss Peerdeman, a humble ordinary woman with little educations, was not able “to write in French.”

This letter (if existing) had to be written in Dutch to the Dutch Vatican dignitary Mgr. Van Lierde. So that’s not the problem. Problem is that the only source to this letter is Marie Paule Giguere. This Canadian, proclaiming to be the incarnation of the Holy Virgin self, tried very hard to include the visions of the Amsterdam Mother of All Nations to use for her own plans. The only evidence of this letter is the autobiography of this self proclaimed Holy Virgin Marie Paule Giguere

In this “letter” Ida Peerdeman not only speaks out that she believes that Miss Giguere is nothing less that the reincarnation of the Mother of Jesus, but in one line compares Miss Giguere with Catharina of Siena. Hard to believe that Ida had any idea who this Catharina of Siena was.


Why a serious scholar as Joachim Bouflet did not show the slightest suspicion about this now infamous letter. Did Bouflet see the original letter? Or is Miss Giguere ‘s “Bible” his source?

Even in Japan they were astonished. Kami Saburo, editor of a Roman Catholic Magazine in Yokohama: “How such a letter could slip into a book of an authority as Joachim Bouflet?


A letter the protesters on internet were quite angry about: “Bouflet got this ridicule letter presented as a genuine one in his book, assuming that the apparition of Mary in Amsterdam, who presented herself as the Lady of all Nations, are false.

They were right in a way, but Bouflet published his study two years before the apparitions of Amsterdam were officially recognized. By canonical Decree of the bishop of Haarlem, the Netherlands.”


It is sad that some people misuse the good name of Bouflet to set up the faithful against their very own  bishop. Presenting the absence of the Canonical Decree as one of the “facts” against Amsterdam. Thanks to poor knowledge of the French language in Holland is Bouflets study presented as an accusation against the joyful apparition of the Mother of All Nations.


Bouflet lists in his  book all the earlier condemnations of the apparitions of Amsterdam. But the Big Thing is not there! The officially ecclesiastic approval came two years after Bouflet published his 'Faussaires de Dieu'.


You can hardly blame Bouflet for that it took the church over 50 years before they gave Mary of Mokum (Mokum is the old Jiddish name of Amsterdam) official approval.


- Submitted by Jane Turner


Newsletter Avé
Number 4/2004, published in Dutch by the Vaak Foundation (Stichting Vaak), Editor-in-Chief: Father Rudo Franken, De Hove 1, 6585 AN Mook, The Netherlands. Office: Kapittelweg 11, 1216 HR Hilversum, The Netherlands. Nihil Obstat and Imprematur REFUSED February 19, 2001 by  Frans Bishop Wiertz of Roermond, The Netherlands.

Ave Newsletter nr. 4

As a statistical analysis reveals that during the twentieth century there have been 386 cases of Marian apparitions, but only a very few were, according to the Roman Catholic church, official regognized as of supernatural character. Approved by the authotities are sanctuaries as Fatima (in Portugal) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Everywhere in the world the Amsterdam apparitions make school. Whole nations, like the Philipines, are placed under the protection of the Amsterdam Lady of all Nations. 
But dispite official recognition of the supernatural character by the Roman Catholic Church, this newsletter Avé proves that a true Prophet is never recognized in his own country.
"Vaak" means "often" in the Dutch language. This Vaak Foundation was formed in 2001 at home of the Belgian Medjugorje-freak Mark Waterinck to fight the the official recognized (constat de supernaturalitate) apparition of the Mother of Jesus in Amsterdam.
Vaak was recently reduced to Nicolaas Alles. Rudolphus Franken, and the German Hildegard Alles. Waterinckx is no longer welcome. He revealed that he was thrown out when he protested against the heavy influence of super-conservative Toon Bongers, editor-in-chief of the Catholica Magazine and adept of the Pio X movement.
In this issue Vaak produced again a so called "document" against an the first woman and most holy of the faithful.
Their "document" in is nothing more than a letter by Marinel Magalona. She heads "a small traditionalist group we call Crusaders of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary." What Miss Magalona did was nothing more than rewriting an earlier "Vaak-document" made up by former Vaak-foreman Mark Watrinckx of Belgium.
The "original" was published in the Ave Newsletter a few years earlier, but in this issue presented as a new "proof" of how righteous and serious (sic) Vaak claims to be.
We have to warn the Roman Catholic faithful for the Double Dutch attitude of the Vaak Foundation towards Marian apparitions. They don't give a damn if an apparition is recognized by the Church, as they falsely claim to do!
Readers should know that both a Nihil Obstat and Imprematur were refused to the Avé Newsletter on February 19, 2001 by Frans Bishop Wiertz of Roermond, The Netherlands. He had good reasons to do so! Knowing this, you can have a good laugh about the ridiculous arguments, produced and made up by this Vaak Foundation.
Read more in Ave Forum

- Submitted by Frank de Hove