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Mark Waterinckx' Great RC Sex-Affairs

Pope welcomed Fr. Jozo Zovko

August 24, 2002, Zagreb Daily Newspaper The Vercernji List with cover photo taken when the Holy Father welcomed Fr. Jozo in 1992, in the midst of the Bosnian war.

Jozo Zovko, the living Saint of Medjugorje


There is a big controversy in the Roman Catholic Church, but it is not so that all priest have sex-affairs with little Choir- or Altarboys

Thank God that there are known hetrosexal priests as well, and one of these outstanding persons is father Jozo Zovko o.f.m., the curate in Medjugorje when the apparitions of the Mother of God (known as the ‘Gospa’ started in June 1981. The Utmost Holy immediately recognized the greatness of Father Jozo. Just a few moths after Her first apparition, on October 21 1981 the’ Gospa’  said that this Franciscan Zovko is a ‘ saint’.


It was a Belgian  Medjugorje-fan, called Mark Waterinckx, who started a sleazy campaign about assumed sex affairs of Father Jozo. Waterinckx  knowledge was only based on hearsay about hetero sex-affairs with adult woman only. Without knowing the reason why Jozo was suspended,. he published about it in French, Italian, English, German, Dutch, Croatian. Claiming he know all bout these suspensions of Jozo.


Since the motives for the sanctions against Zovko were not made public, we must try to answer delicate questions. More interesting might be to find an answer on what fuelled the Belgian Waterinckx to start such an international hate campaign against Father Jozo.

Resulting in temporarily suspensions of clerical services  by bishop Zanic in 1989 and by bishop Peric in 1994. That Jozo has been suspended only two times, can hardly be marked as sound reason to proclaim him a sex maniac, as Waterinckx does. Recognized Saints as Padre Pio were suspended many more times..


Before pointing at Father Jozo  Zovko, you must know that the Belgian Mr. Waterinckx was a real Medjugorje-freak, who went no less than 24 times to this sanctuary near Mostar to venerate the apparitions of the Gospa. He experienced there “a kind of collective psychosis” and developed “a fanatic faith, which does not tolerate any contradiction.” So you are warned. Waterinckx lowered himself to coarse lies, manipulations and flinging mud at Jozo Zovko.


The title of an anonym article about the “Waterinckx Investigation” on the website of the extreme conservative Unity Publishing was “The ‘ Saint ‘ Jozo Zovko And His Many Sex-Affairs”


You have to deal with evidence as: “In 1986 already a Dutch business-man who lived in Yugoslavia  said to Mark Waterinckx  that Jozo had a special interest for beautiful ladies “

As if this is a sin, and great secret. And who is that anonymous Dutch businessman? How he found out?

On the suspencion of Jozo in 1989 by bishop Zanic  we read: “Officially it was not mentioned, but insiders do know”.
Yeah, guess who is this insider?
Right! Mr. Waterinckx himself!


As: “Bishop Peric himself spoke during a tape-recorded interview with Mark Waterinckx on August 4 1997 about these 2 suspensions”. We do not learn what Peric said about the sexlife of Jozo, just that he “later repeated (his interview on tape) in letters” to a  Dutch villagepriest “and to the Rector of the Basilica National Shrine of Our Lady  in Washington” and that as “a result of these 2 last letters, it was forbidden to Jozo Zovko even to enter the church”.

And that on October 15 1996 “the bishop of Mostar had confirmed to Mark Waterinckx by letter the suspensions of Frs. Jozo Zovko and Leonard Orec” and more smoke, but still no word about why Father Jozo was suspended.


This article puts Waterinckx in a specialist-position with even more smoke. “In 1994 already Mgr. Peric had sent the ‘declarata’ to Jozo himself and warned all dioceses of Bosnia-Hercegovina and put the official publication in his diocesan bulletin “ Crkva na Kamenu “ (“ The Church on the Rock”)”.

Very interesting, but why?


The anonym article about ‘ Saint ‘ Jozo Zovko And His Many Sex-Affairs” states that Jozo was since 1984 Mark’s confessor.

“At that time Mark was shocked and scandalized by  such a slander. But later more and more such rumours came to his ears.”

So in the summer of 1989 an American woman came to Waterinckx “and told him with all details how Jozo had sexually assaulted her”.


This American lived with three other girls in the parishhousing of Zovko in Tihaljina, a village 32 km from the sanctuary in Medjugorje.

A rather safe place for girls, as most of the priest there are at least latent homosexual and heavy into penitention. There is a local saying: If you like to suffer, go to Tihaljina.


Instead of informing the police about this assault, Waterinckx went the next day to Jozo to tell him what the American woman told him.


Zovko denied everything but was “pale and in a terrible state”. he was terrified and “ lied 3 times” about the girl.

More interesting is the statement that the Franciscan lived with “4 young girls (!)” in his parish of Tihaljina.

According to the article one of those four stated that nothing had happened, but “Mark was very worried about Jozo’s  behavior.”


So the next day Waterinckx “decided to walk (partially barefoot) the 32 km. to Tihaljina.”

When he arrived, Jozo “was cynical” about the “severe burns of Mark’s feet ( what resulted in 10 days of hospital)” and since then “Jozo will say that Mark and all the girls and women who accuse him are crazy.”


What else can you say on all this hearsay?

We wanna know facts, not whispering!

Mark Waterinckx however, did not helped the girl to legal action against the of rape accused priest, but told the story to the curate of Medjugorje,” but he “seemed unconcerned”.


More concerning is the serious scandalizing of the secret of confession. The unknown author of the article: “But meanwhile the American girl had told her nightmare to her confessor, the American  Fr. Filip Pavic”, who also refused the girl to undertake legal action, but contacted Waterinckx “and told him that he had already heard different similar accusations against Jozo earlier.”


So we are involted in sleazy accusations in a so called “Jozo’s sex-problem”.Also the American Pavic “really puzzled”, refused to undertake legal action. Instead he told another priest about what he heard. “who immediately shouted 2 times: He did it again!”  according to this anonymous article.


Waterinxk continued to spread the rumors about Jozo. “When Mark spoke later to Frs. Ljudevit Rupcic and Slavko Barbaric” and “these 2 Franciscans seemed to be very embarrassed”.


So they just seem to be? Who wrote this article? What is the reason that Waterinkcx refused to undertake legal. Why this raped American woman did not undertake action against her assaulter? . The more as, according to Mark Waterinkcx, there are many more “Sex Problems in Medjugorje.”

This article contributed by Jane Turner.