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They say: When there's smoke, there's fire
I say: When there's Mook there's hell

January issue Ave Forum

Rapping spirit in Dutch Vicarage:
The ghost of Mook

On internet I found a rather strange report about a rare earthquake in the Netherlands. It is about a Priest named R. Franken, passionate opponent of apparitions of Mary. Even those by the church approved! Priest Franken was World News on April 13th 1992!  That day the strongest earthquake ever hits the Netherlands and stroke his  church in Roggel.  The epicentre was exact under Frankens Peterchurch.


As I understood, the inhabitants of the nearby village of Heibloem thought the earthquake was a heavenly warning for the fanatical opponent of the apparitions of the Holy Virgin. Franken was transferred from Roggel to the silence of the Mookerheide, a heath area near the hamlet of Mook in Dutch Limburg.


On the popular Dutch discussionsite Ave Forum was referred to Franken as the Great Adversary of the Mother of All Nations, as the apparition of Mary in Amsterdam is named.


Priest Franken enjoyed soon after his transfer local acquaintance as “The  Pope of Mook”. And now there are reports of a rapping spririt in his vicarage, known as The ghost of Mook.

Another sign of heaven?


So when Freddy from Australia wondered where Mook is in the Netherlands, somebody answered: "you don't want to know where Mook is. It is only bad news from Mook"
And referring to a Dutch saying, they say: "when there's smoke, there's fire"
I say: "when there's Mook there's hell"


Another messenger said: Be warned! Everywhere Priest Franken goes, the earth splits open!  First Franken  had thus Roggel as his “epicentre”, but present it is Mook.


In this village of Mook, Priest Franken started a Foundation. Official the target was to give “Information about current apparitions and phenomena on a background of the pronunciations of the competent (roman catholic) ecclesiastic authority”. According to Güney Konevi in the Türkevi Online Magazine, to open his “psycho-war” against the Amsterdam Apparitions of Mary.


The Vaak Foundation aclaims to  "watch" over extraterrestrial demonstrations within the Catholic church.  On the Turkish site: “And then especially demonstrations of the Holy Virgin Mary that are approved by the official Catholic authority, but not by the Vaak Foundation. Their main target appeared to be the brave bishop Punt”. 


Turkish House co-worker Murat described the Vaak Foundation as a “kind of Catholic Taliban…but knocked loose from the official church'.


Ave Forum 1/2005