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'Theologisches' poppycock about Amsterdam

Poppycock about Amsterdam in Theologisches

Boasting in German Theologisches about the Amsterdam apparitions by Hildegard Alles is 'merely poppycock'

Just like it was in Lourdes, Fatima and Guadeloupe, also the apparition of Amsterdam has its antagonists. Notwithstanding ecclesiastic approval of the Mother of all Nations in 2002 , four people, united in a foundation called 'Vaak' ('Often"), refuse to accept that the Amsterdam apparitions are official licensed. By the only responsible authority to judge in these matters.


As The Olog reports, The German Roman Catholic Newsletter Theologisches was misguided by a set-up of two Amsterdam adversaries: Anton Bongers and Hildegrard Alles, resulting in the publication of an article by Mrs. Alles in the German Newsletter of Dr. David Berger.


There are well over the 2000 messages about the Vaak Foundation on the Dutch forum 'Omstreden Stichting Vaak' (The Dubious Vaak Foundation).


Thom Vandenburg, from Perth, Australia, made a translation of the message that Rudolphus put on the forum on July the 6th 2005 with the intriguing title 'Boasting of Mrs. Alles is pure poppycock':


Vandeburg called it interesting stuff, as the Mother of all Nations is here more popular as those apparitions of Lourdes! So I was asked to made an English translation:

  • That (Mr. Anton) Bongers is also not well gasp by pretending not to know the difference between Medjugorje and Amsterdam. Neither is (Dr. David) Berger Kosher, for having the knowledge that Amsterdam is ecclesiastic approved and even Ratzinger showed his assent to Monsignor Punt! Check it out! Though that boasting of Mrs. Alles is merely poppycock. Ein lauttönendes Nichts! (A ballyhoo wind!) 
    *See the original by Rudolphus at the bottem of this page

What fronted as a serious study by Mrs. Hildegard Alles in Thelogisches, was theological fiddling.


But how the readers on the Vaak-forum judged the 'study' of Mrs. Alles?

Her arguments were delineated as 'balderdash', 'bunkum' and 'haver'.


The obduracy of Mrs. Alles, refusing to accept the recognition by the Church and that the Church has the right to annul previous estimations, was doomed as 'not in accordance with the facts'.

As the history of the Church shows, 'even if it might get on some centuries, as was the case with Gallilei'.


Let there be no doubt about the Vatican, as Mrs. Alles tries to indoctrinate in her piece. The bishop of Amsterdam extensively discussed the case during a private meeting with Cardinal Ratzinger, posterior pope Benedictus XVI.


So, 'All arguments against the apparitions of the Holy Virgin in Amsterdam are merely poppycock!'



*ORIGINAL: H.Alles: Ein lauttönendes Nichts!

Die Bongers is ook niet goed snik. Weer nieteens het verschil tussen Medjugorje en Amsterdam. Ook die Berger is niet kosjer, want die weet dat Amsterdam kerkelijk is goedgekeurd en zelfs Ratzinger zijn instemming heeft gegeven aan mgr Punt! Punt uit! Al dat gezwets van Alles is lariekoek. Ein lauttönendes Nichts! Maar toch blijven ze doorgaan twijfel te zaaien onder de gezagstrouwe gelovigen!